Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bike Friday One Way Tikit

Check it...Got a new Tikit. It is a fixed gear model called the One Way Tikit. This is a model Bike Friday produces as a built to order option. It comes with a fix/fix rear hub. I made some component swaps and additions to personalize it a bit.
Thomson post and stem
Ti railed Specialized saddle
Carbon Easton bar
Paul Love Levers
Avid SD-7 brakes
Dura Ace 7400 series 170mm cranks with a matching loose ball DA 113mm bottom bracket
Niner YAWYD top cap with a "Seal of the Peculiar" bottle cap
Wisecracker bottle opener on the post.
Planet Bike blinkie on a custom mount to the right side seatstay brazeon - left side would be better for traffic - but it nests harmlessly in the fold on the right side...
Clamp-on ODI grips
Wireless Cateye computer
MKS Tour-Lite Pedals
Arundel stainless bottle cage
Light in Motion Vega light

Everything else is stock. I had to work on the rear hub. It came from BF with the axle width at 120mm. The rear end was set at 130mm. It was bolted on and the axle nuts compressed the rear end down to 120mm. I did not like it that the assembly was under such tension so I added spacers from another hub (Surly) to respace the axle to 130mm. The stock axle is hollow, so I cut it and installed a quick release. Works like a charm and will make flipping the hub relatively easy. I will still have to adjust the dropouts to take up chain slack. I am running a 53-14 now. It is a great all around gear combo for where I live. I may, however, do what Walter did and install a 13 on one side and a 15 on the other.

Even though these dropouts are super cool, I wish this bike had fork ends for easy flip flops. I asked for fork ends when I ordered it but they said it was not available like that. Oh well. Maybe they will offer it in the future and I can simply remove the rear end and replace it with another....Walter??


Less tech and more ride in the next post...


Blogger bikefridaywalter said...

Nick, Nick, Nick. Though I admit our assembly team f'd up, there is a simple solution. Read the last bit of paragraph three here and problem solved. This is not a cludgy jerry rig, but it's the intented methodology. And speaking from experience, it works.

December 12, 2008 at 9:00 AM  

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