Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bike Friday - The Pocket Randonneur

Since the Rambouillet is waiting for a new fork, the only roadish bike left in my garage is a Bike Friday Pocket Lama. The Pocket Lama is Bike Friday's tourish bike that is usually seen with flat bars. I don't like flat bars for the road, so I had a new stem built to replicate the 'cockpit' dimesions of my Rambouillet. I even sent BF a Nitto Noodle bar to have it cut and sleeved for packing. Diacomp 287 aerolevers are compatible with the longer cable pull required for the v-type brakes. The addition of bar-con shifters mounted on Kelly Take-Off's, planet bike fenders and a Nitto M-12 front rack complete the conversion of this bike to a Pocket Randonneur...or at least, that's what I call it...

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