Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Bike Art for the Masses

My friend sent me this mail this morning:

Is this a way to boost cred or watch it drop?

I'm talking about this little deluxe emoticon group graphic:

~~~ __o
~~~ _ <_
~~~ (_)/(_)

To which I cleverly responded:

My dearest Matthew,

Your letter finds me in sincere gratitude of your next pearl of wisdom! Yet I must admit, I am not impressed with this assemblage of dashes parenthesis and etcetera which I presume to crudely represent a cyclist at speed. His frame, incomplete; his tires, flat; his head, detached! How does he create this trailing turbulence??

To answer your question, if you are looking for 'cred' from retards...I think your 'art' is a cred rocket booster!! Otherwise, prepare for a short steep trajectory back to earth, my friend, where you will surely be consumed with great fiery...fire.



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